Song for Kids


Inspired by the old tale ‘ Sterntaler` but created together with Kids in a new and Modern way; now a new playlist for Kids is made available, consisting of a radio play and accompanying Song in Full – Version! 

# part of the Project "Klänge/Sounds/Geschichten" in cooperation with Hr-Radio.


Polygon Live Sessions - LIVE on Location [NEW!]

After the success of Polygons last live session, from the intimate space of a home; they now moved on to the Kulturcafé where the show can be experienced live on location as well as via Live-Stream!

With the continuing mission of bringing together the local music scene by  presenting different artists with original music, Polygon keeps developing their format. 

Location:         Kulturcafé Groß-Gerau   (Darmstädter Str. 31)

Live Stream:    (see link)

2 July 2023, 20h                                                          **Link will stay available

Kakadu Sessions

Open Stage Live Music in the Kakadu Bar - right opposite from and organized in cooperation with Staatstheater Mainz.

Enjoy a drink, lounge atmosphere, different artists and music styles in a spontaneous and versatile program.
Simply pass by!

16 June 2023, 20h

Exhibition Concert 

What started as an online alternative during lockdown, grew into a little tradition. 
We welcome you to our annual Exhibition Concert where Visual Art and Music come into dialogue.  
In cooperation with Visual Artist Frederic Ecker, this years Event will be presented Live at Art space E14. The Exhibition will remain open until the end of May.

30-04-23,  18u30


As part of the annual Sounds Festival Hr-Radio (Hessische RundFunk) presents the Project: Klänge/Sounds/Geschichten. 
In cooperation with local schools and artists, elementary school children have the opportunity to get familiar with sound and stories in all its forms!
You are sure to be surprised...

Sendung Hr2-Kultur, Lauschinsel                         19-03-23, 8:00
available in ARD-Audiothek and on         until 23-04-23

Polygon Live Sessions

Happy to be joining this new format - a series of live streaming sessions held online by Polygon Live.
While giving off the vibe of a living-room concert or basement jam, they have the vision of bringing together the local music scene.
Come join us from your couch at home :)

30-09-22,  20u00
Postponed due to technical problems
New date to be announced:
22-10-22  20:00
***[ link will stay available ]

Kultur Tage

Next September the Kultur Tage return to their neighbourhood. A concert wil be held at Artspace E14. 

18-09-22,  19u30

Open Stage: Postlager Sessions 

Streetfood, good vibes, and an open stage full of surprising and spontaneous musicians - as you guessed, i will be one of them ;) 
Location right behind the Hauptbahnhof Mainz inside the Altes Postlager. 

22-07-22,  from 18u onwards

Exhibition Concert 

Last year we had to go online, this year, we plan to go Live! 
Together with Visual Artist  Frederic Ecker we whish to provide you with a gallery-concert in a relaxed and informal atmosphere at Kunstraum Fragmente.


Charity Fundraiser

My latest Projekt "Resilience" will be presented as an online video performance in support of Ukrainien Refugees. 
Please join and show your support by a donation or messege!

25-31 March 22

Older Stories 

See Past posts and stories beneath....

What’s behind a song? 

For me, it can literally be anything. From nature to fantasy,  to book that I read - my own or others peoples thoughts, feelings and experiences.. the list is unending. 
However, sometimes there is a very specific inspiration or starting point for a song, as was the case with “Altar”. 

Whilst travelling, by coincidence I found this deserted church chapel beside a road. It felt like something special, so we started to film a bit. First the interior, than some videos with me in it - guess I felt a song coming already… Only later I actually wrote “Altar” which was than recorded for the “3 songs in support of Ukrainian refugees” # recilience  playlist.

Since than I have wanted to share some of the video footage..  

Finally now, about a year after finding it, this little moment of inspiration finds its way to you… 
hope you enjoy!