Originally from the Netherlands, at age eighteen I moved to Germany in persuasion of my dream: starting a career as a ballet dancer at the theatre. Throughout my many dance years, 
I had the chance to explore different contemporary and (neo)classical dance styles, but still  wished for yet another tool to express myself:  I started creating my own Music.
 As a singer/songwriter a whole new world opened up to me; with the support of colleagues eventually I dared to perform in public, and well... here we are.
 Recently I took a big leap in becoming a freelancer; now I can combine my two creative passions - that as a dancer/chorographer and that as a singer/songwriter. 

I look forward to meeting you on this new journey. 

Music Style

Most of the time, it is just me and my Piano. 
I would describe my music style as poetic and and slightly melancholic, but always with hope, and interest in the beauty of this world and the deepness of our inner landscape.

However, I also enjoy cooperating with other artists and exploring new styles and possibilities.